Dental Implants

The absolute solution to restore your teeth and enjoy a continuance oral health away from any problems

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Dental implants have become more popular recently because of the advancement of cosmetic medicine, the operation techniques, and the materials that make up the implants. So, the turnout has become eminent for people who want to restore their teeth and their bright smiles. Turkey was on the list of countries providing this medical service of the provision of high-quality dental materials at a relatively low cost compared to other European and American countries.

Dental implants are among the most requested surgical dentistry procedures. The doctor replaces the missing teeth with implants that are surgically implanted into the jawbones, then he covers them with a crown from the top in a manner that suits and fits the teeth in the mouth naturally. The process of dental implants is characterized by the lack of a certain limit of implanted teeth, as you can implant one or many teeth with cost differences and after consulting your doctor.



The doctor begins a full examination of the patient’s mouth as much as any routine and periodic examination. The doctor also examines the patient’s medical history to make sure there are no chronic diseases that would prevent the patient from having dental implants. Among the conditions that must meet for you to be a candidate for dental implants are:

    • People who have lost one or more teeth and want to implant alternative teeth for cosmetic or medical reasons.
    • The patient undergoing the operation must be free from some diseases that affect the bones, such as diabetes and advanced osteoporosis.
    • The patient undergoing dental implants must have enough bone density to succeed in dental implants.
    • People who keep and maintain their teeth clean and cared for, as the patient must have good oral health.
    • The patient undergoing dental implants should not suffer from chronic high blood pressure.
    • The patient should not be a heavy smoker (more than 10 cigarettes per day).


    • There are some tips and guidelines that must be followed by the patient undergoing dental implants before the operation in order to have successful dental implants. Such tips are:
        • The choice of a specialist doctor with experience, efficiency, and good reputation, as the process of dental implants, is one of the micro-surgical operations.
        • The choice of a dental center that is known for its good treatment services offered before and after the operation.
        • Maintain routine hygiene of teeth and gums as a patient undergoing dental implants.


After the completion of the process and installation of the new tooth, the patient who has undergone dental implants should treat his/her teeth very naturally, with regard to the following:

    • Take care of dental cleaning and pay regular care to the teeth and their cleanliness.
    • Clean the gums and do not leave any food leftover on them.
    • Undergo a dental check-up at your dentist every six months.
    • Work on reducing or abstain from alcohol and smoking in order to maintain the implants.
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