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Eyelid lift in Turkey is a surgical procedure that tightens the eyelids by removing the sagging skin and accumulated fats from both lower and upper eyelids and reshaping them to fit the appearance of the eyes. The procedure takes about two hours if it involves both upper and lower eyelids.

It also has some low-risk side effects, such as swelling, but it disappears within one or two weeks. The results of the upper eyelid last for 5-7 years, while it is rare for the person to undergo the lower eyelid surgery again because it lasts for a long time.



The technique used at our medical center is the surgical method only by which a surgical incision is made in both eyelids through surgical instruments. Then, the excess fat and sagging skin are removed, tightening the eyelids, and rejuvenating the face again.


The candidate for eyelid lift should be:

  1. Healthy and has no certain diseases which might hinder eyelid lifting or lead to complications during or after the operation the most common diseases are:
      • Thyroid diseases
      • Dry eyes
      • Hypertension
      • Circulatory disorders
      • Cardiovascular diseases
      • Diabetic
      • Retinal detachment
      • Blue water in the eye
    1. Psychologically stable, expecting realistic results.
    2. Must be at least 35 years old.


Some necessary recommendations that must be followed by the patient before the surgery to lift the eyelids:

    1. Carry out the necessary medical tests.
    2. Take certain medications prescribed by the doctor, which help during the surgery.
    3. Inform your doctor about the current medications you have taken before the procedure.
    4. Stop smoking for at least a month before the surgery.
    5. Avoid taking aspirin, NSAIDs, or herbal supplements that lead to bleeding and swelling for at least two weeks before the operation.
    6. Stop taking stimulants, such as Arabic coffee and alcohol for at least two weeks before the operation because it might hinder the anesthesia process.
    7. Avoid taking blood thinners, such as green tea, as they may cause severe bleeding delaying the recovery period.


Some necessary instructions that must be followed after the eyelid lift:

  1. Use ice packs on the eyes for ten minutes every hour immediately after the operation. On the next day, you should use it four to five times during the day.
  2. Clean the eyelids nicely by using eye drops and certain ointments prescribed by the doctor.
  3. Avoid stress or difficult activity, which might delay the recovery period for a week after the operation.
  4. Stop swimming for at least one week after the operation.
  5. Avoid doing hard exercise for at least a week after the operation.
  6. Stop smoking.
  7. Avoid scratching your eyes.
  8. Do not use eye lenses for at least two weeks after the operation.
  9. Wear black glasses to protect the eyelids from the sun and wind.
  10. When you lie down or sleep, you should raise your head more than your chest for a few days after the operation.
  11. Avoid taking blood thinners, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and herbal supplements for at least a week after the operation because it might lead to bleeding.

مراحل عملية شد الجفون

تمر عملية شد الجفون بثلاث مراحل أساسية، هي:

  • مرحلة التخدير: لضمان راحة المريض وعدم شعوره بأي ألم أثناء العملية، يتم تخدير المريض إما تخديراً موضعياً أو تخديراً عاماً، ويقوم الطبيب عادةً باختيار طريقة التخدير الأفضل للمريض.
  • الشق الجراحي: بشكل عام يتم تخطيط  خطوط الشق الجراحي بحيث يمكن إخفاء الندبات ضمن بنى التجاعيد الطبيعية للعين. بالنسبة للجفن العلوي، فيتم شده عبر إجراء شق جراحي ضمن التجعيد الطبيعي للجفن، مما يتيح إزالة أو إعادة تموضع الدهون الزائدة الموجودة في المنطقة، بالإضافة إلى شد العضلات وإزالة الترهلات الجلدية منها.

أما بالنسبة للشق السفلي، فيتم بإجراء شق تحت خط الرموش السفلي، ليتم إزالة أو إعادة توزيع الدهون بشكل متناسق.

  • إغلاق الشق الجراحي: يتم إغلاق الشق الجراحي من خلال الغرز أو لاصق خاص بالجلد، ليتم إزالته بعد أسبوع واحد.
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