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    Hair transplantation operation is a non-surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transferred from the donor area, i.e. the back of the scalp, to the receiving area, i.e. the bald areas to be treated.



    There are several key techniques used in hair transplantations:

    FUE Technology

    With this technology, the follicles are picked out from the donor area via the Micro Motor and transplanted into the receiving area by opening fine channels in the bald areas with precise medical forceps. The operation takes around 6-8 hours, transplanting up to 4000 follicles.

    Mega FUE Technology

    Mega FUE is undergone over two sessions during two consecutive days, transplanting a maximum of 8000 follicles and giving the hair more density.

    Ultimate FUE

    Ultimate FUE differs from FUE in terms of the medical scalpel, which is made of fine blue sapphire that prevents damage to the scalp during the picking process.

    DHI Technology

    The doctor opens channels in the areas of baldness that are due to be treated with Choi Pen Implanters. Then implants the extracted follicles, which are up to 3500. The doctor does all this simultaneously with one click. The whole process takes around 6-8 hours.

    Mega DHI Technology

    The Mega DHI technique is performed over two sessions during two consecutive days, using the Choi pens. However, with Mega DHI, a maximum of 7000 follicles are transplanted, giving the hair more density and attractiveness.

    Extremely DHI Technology

    Extremely DHI Technology goes through the same stages as the DHI technique. However, it enables the doctor to transplant up to 5000 follicles during 12-15 hours over only a session.


    The candidates for hair transplantation are:

      1. People who suffer from severe hair loss and hereditary baldness.
      2. People who have a sufficient donor area.
      3. People with good health that does not suffer from certain diseases that may impede hair transplantation.
      4. People older than 22 years of age.


    There are some important tips that one should stick to before undergoing the hair transplantation process:

    1. Avoid smoking for at least two weeks before the procedure, as it affects the growth of the follicles and the results of the process.
    2. Avoid drinking green tea, for it is a blood thinner that causes severe bleeding during and after the operation and leads directly to the failure of the transplantation.
    3. Avoid coffee and stimulants in general for at least four days before the transplantation because they are stimulants that affect the anesthesia process.
    4. It is recommended to eat healthy and balanced food before the operation in order to avoid any complications that may occur during or after the operation.
    5. Stop taking medications that cause blood thinning, such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen combinations.
    6. If you are using certain medications for a particular disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, or other diseases, your healthcare professional who is following your health condition must be aware of these and approve the hair transplantation process.


    There are a set of tips after the hair transplantation process that must be followed:

    1. A headband must be worn for 48 hours to avoid the swelling of the head.
    2. Avoid bending your head as much as possible. Keep a parallel line between your chin and the ground for three days to avoid swelling in the areas of the forehead and around the eyes.
    3. Never wash your hair before the 72 hours after the operation is over.
    4. You must sleep in a semi-vertical position, relying on two pillows to lift your head for five days to avoid swelling.
    5. Avoid swimming in the sea for three months, and avoid swimming in a pool for two months.
    6. Stay away from sunlight, heat, and high humidity for at least a month, and you should wear a medical hat when you go out.
    7. Be careful when putting on or taking off your clothes so as not to pressure directly on the scalp.
    8. Avoid smoking for at least two months after the operation because it impedes the growth of follicles leading to their fall.
    9. Use the medical shampoo when washing your hair, do not rely on chemical shampoo.
    10. Stay away from a Turkish bath or sauna for a month.
    11. Keep on having the necessary treatments and medications prescribed by your doctor, which help to heal wounds quickly and to increase the growth of the hair follicles.
    12. Avoid standing directly under rain or dust so as not to cause harm to the follicles implanted.
    13. Avoid intercourse (marital relationship) for a week.
    14. Plasma PRP needles are recommended to be used as they strengthen the implanted follicles.
    15. It is recommended to undergo cold laser sessions that stimulate blood circulation and thus strengthen the transplanted follicles.
    16. It is also preferred to have some vitamins that help enhance the growth of follicles.
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